Taking Form Poster

Poster for "Taking Form" lecture series by Stefan Sagmeister hosted by MoMa and AIGA

As seen here in my first couple of sketches, I was really focusing in on what I wanted to do. With the use of simple geometric shapes I wanted to build something recognizable. At first I thought that might be other simple geometric shapes. For example, using triangles to create a square, using circles to create a triangle, and using squares to create a circle. However, using each shape to create another was not turning out as nicely as I had planned. So I decided to only use the triangle and was instantly inspired by the many "low-poly" images I have seen. 
In this first digital version I created, I used only traingles to create the three basic geometric shapes, triangle, square, and circle. I did enjoy the way the shapes looked, but the poster as whole was missing some depth. I eventually looked more into what Stefan Sagmeister's looked like and came across a book of his where the cover was his face with dye-cut shapes taken out of it. I then put both ideas together and came up with what you see below.
The final version uses the various families of Futura such as Book, Bold, Medium, and Light. When I had started creating the image, I was thinking of connecting each piece, however, the title of the talk was 'Taking Form' so i decided to make it seem as though the separate pieces that create his face were coming together to 'take the form' of his face.
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